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Earthquake-prone buildings and leases

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Under the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Bill 2013, farm buildings are to be exempt from the requirements for assessments for hay, shearing, milk and implement sheds.

Do Trees Have Rights?

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Landowners have the right to ordinary use and enjoyment of their land, which means the right to plant gardens and trees.

Do I need to make a Will?

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A person who dies without a Will has their estate distributed to their successors under the provisions of the Wills Act 2007. This produces some surprising results, and in particular, divides the estate between the surviving spouse and the children of the relationship. An out of date Will can similarly produce unsatisfactory results, where the property included in the Will has already been disposed of or persons in an earlier relationship are included in a Will when that relationship has long since ended, or children have been born since making the Will.

Consumer Goods – Extended Warranties

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Have you ever wondered when you are purchasing a new appliance such as a freezer or washing machine, why the sales person is anxious to sell you an extended warranty? 

Buying a property? – Building Act 2004 compliance

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How should purchasers deal with the issues of Building Act Compliance when building work carried out on the dream home they wish to purchase does not have a Code of Compliance certificate issued by the local council office? 

Enduring Powers of Attorney

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Who should manage your property assets and welfare if you become mentally incapacitated through a medical event or old age?

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